As a city with such an engrained culture of conservatism, Christchurch’s experience with the concept of ‘Temporary’ has been some-what tumultumous. However, half a decade on, a cool acceptance seems to be creeping over local communities. Cathedrals are still cardboard, cones still litter the streets, and the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) officials and Insurance Consultants still determine fates. 

For Christchurch, the idea of ‘temporary,’ whether it be a timeframe, a space, a diversion, or a solution, has completely lost its meaning. The following photos explore this theme, reflecting on how we have come to tolerate our temporary city. Avoiding nostalgia, the characters seem to interact with their environments with a clear sense of normality, challenging the viewer to consider just how much they now view all that was once temporary as permanent and even normal.